Selasa, 18 September 2012

The new rivalry, Celtics vs Heat

     The 7 games thriller in the last year Eastern Conference Finals is probably one of the best match in the 2012 playoff which was won by Miami Heat. Fantastic, both Celtics and Heat serve their fans with a tight game and clutch moment was happened oftenly.
     Rajon Rondo coming up from the shadow of "the big three" (KG, Ray, Pierce) and suddenly become a leader of Boston Celtics. Every his game is almost perfect, he can score, pass, and grab rebound that help Boston a much. But, Lebron "king" James is exactly the problem of Celtics. He show to everyone and also his haters why he deserve to become the 2011-2012 regular season MVP.
     The season is over, and the Heat-Celtics rivalry grow bigger along with the movement of Ray Allen to Miami Heat. His decision hurts Celtics' fans but nobody can blame Ray Allen's decision because the motive behind his decision is because of his personal conflict with Rajon Rondo and it can't be maintained by Doc Rivers.
     The new NBA season will start at 30 October 2012. Celtics vs Heat will be one of the opening match beside Wizards vs Cavs and Lakers vs Mavs. No doubt, this match will serve us with high intensity and this match probably will be an emotional match for the all time NBA leader in 3-point field goal made, Ray Allen.

Player to watch
Boston Celtics    
     Rajon Rondo
       With the Ray Allen's departure, it's time for Rajon Rondo to prove that he deserve to replace Ray as the big three in Celtics. His flashy pass and rythm is hard to be   stopped by Miami Heat's guard, Mario Chalmers.
     Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley
       Who will take the starter position at SG? The recent news said that Courtney Lee will take that position and give Jason Terry a role as a 6th man player. Avery Bradley will be prospected to become the back up of Rajon Rondo. While Rajon Rondo said that he will be very happy to play alongside Bradley because Bradley is a smart player and a good decision maker.
     The rookies, Jared Sullinger & Fab Melo
       The Celtics plans to strengthen their bigman slot because they don't have any option instead of Kevin Garnett which is already old. Sullinger & Melo will be a "fresh air" option because they are still young and explosive.

Miami Heat
     El Heat trio's (James, Wade, Bosh)
       This trio is candidated as one of the strongest trio ever in NBA history. Came from the same draft class (2003) now they try to continue the Heat domination in NBA and try to defend their NBA title.
     Ray Allen
       Once again, this match will be a tough game for the Jesus Shuttlesworth. Of course he will meet his former teammate where they have played together for 5 years (KG & Pierce). In my prediction, Heat will make Ray Allen coming off the bench as the deadly shooter and as a backup of Dwyane Wade.

NBA will start in less than 2 months. More excitement, enthusiasm will come from all over the world to see the greatest basketball league on this earth. I think the "where amazing happened" tagline is very suitable with the fact condition.

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