Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

Kevin Durant Ejected From The Game

The 6’9 ft. forward from the Oklahoma City Thunder seems frustrate with his team condition. Kevin Durant just got ejected from the game for the first time of his career. He got that from the frustrating game for Oklahoma City Thunder as they suffered a loss to Brooklyn Nets 110-93. In the late minute of the 4th quarter, Durant was punished with 2 technical fouls for his foul & aggressive complains to the referee.
It is a surprising moment for the NBA fans and the whole players of the league because so far Durant is really well-known for his kindness and his love for the game. His ejection also evidences that Thunder basketball is not at a positive condition right now. But after the game, Durant finally came with his statement that said “I think I’m allowed to be frustrated, especially in this league that’s full of ups and downs. Players are allowed to be frustrated. It is what it is. I’ll move on from it.” Well, then the Thunder should be able to overcome their own problem if they really want to counted again as the title contender. Maturity is the best thing that they should have to face it.