Selasa, 06 Mei 2014

MVP for Kevin Durant?

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For two straight seasons, Kevin Durant has been seen as the second greatest player in the league, standing behind LeBron “King” James, who grabbed the Maurice Podoloff trophy for three times in a row. While, in this season, the Washington native has stepped up his game to the higher class, bringing his ball game to a superstar caliber and helping Oklahoma City Thunder to reach the second position in the Western Conference and put them in a favorable spot for another championship-contender-season.

Last year, Kevin Durant’s scoring title was robbed lately by the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony yet, he still averaging 28.1 PPG, second highest in the NBA. While this year, KD has just added another scoring title trophy within his portfolio. He is reclaiming it back by averaging 32.0 PPG, and stand alone as the only player to average 30+ PPG in 2013/2014 season. The Washington’s native also provides an outstanding record that determined himself as one of the best scoring machines in NBA history by posted a 25+ PPG in 41 games and broke Michael Jordan’s 40 game streak in 1986/1987. When your team was tied or down by 1/2/3 in the final seconds of the game, then you have already know where the ball will go. KD has at least hit 3 game winner shot (against the Raptors, Hawks and Timberwolves). KD also scored at least 40 points in 13 games (most in the NBA).

During the absence of Russel Westbrook on January 2014, KD came out as the savior for Oklahoma City Thunder and brought OKC to a 14-3 record that month. Durant is averaging 35.9 point-per-game, which only can be matched by Chamberlain, West, Gervin and Kobe. (Sportscenter, 2014) and 6.1 assists-per-game. The significant improvement on his offensive game also accompanied by a great defensive effort in the defensive sector whereby Durant is averaging 6.1 RPG, 1.6 SPG and 0.9 BPG.

Outside of his game, Kevin Durant emerge as the role model of the Thunder organization. Durant has simply shown his leadership approach by example, something that is not easy since every person, teammates and the staff will expect him to show what he really worth. While, the most important part of his attitude is that; he put himself in a high standard, always become the first who came and the last to left the gym. Durant also will be happy to help people around him to get better, something that goes parallel with the Thunder’s DNA, which emphasize in building team from zero. Some youngster such as Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones and Steven Adams will receive big advantages by having Kevin Durant as their mentor.