Kamis, 22 September 2016

That’s just the Beginning

This is the final day.

Guess who’s standing there waiting for me in the opposite line?
Yes, it’s him. My dearest friend and my back court partner back in junior high school.


Back to my first engagement with real basketball stuff in junior high school, I noticed one guy who possessed nothing at basketball but so much intensity in his eyes. I just realized that he was not that familiar with basketball stuff. My first assumption was that he would only care to join the basketball team as it was the way for him to elevate his name in front of the girls in my school.

What a cliche, right?

However, there is no such thing which we can predict accurately that exist in this world.
After one month training, he turned to be one of the toughest guys in my middle school team. Furthermore, he and I were started to develop one bond that still remains mysterious until today. By the term of mysterious, I describe it as a situation when I don’t really give many shits about what he did in school but once we stepped into the court, we talked a lot about the game, and we really know each other well.

He was really destined to be good in this sport; he grew to be quicker, stronger and faster than anybody else on the team. He also developed a very smooth layup gesture, in which he often utilize it to get an and-one play during the match. As soon as I, a skinny boy, realized how good he could be for the better of the team, I began to be his facilitator. Although he didn’t really talk about it, I can feel that there is a tendency that we’ll need each other when we stepped on the court; mutual respect.
Three years in middle school, I couldn’t remember how many trophies that we got for our school. We were simply unstoppable; we have a very strong roster which rely on speed, fast-break point, defense and also our main guy. I think I have to admit that he really carried us all day during our glorious campaign. He transformed into such a prolific scorer and setting the high standard through example.

And I transformed into the second guy in the team. I was developing into a like-able play-maker due to my unselfishness and attitude in the game. Dude, if you really respect the game as you have to be, you would earn so much respect from other players, coaches, refs and also the crowds. Not only have that, I think I was also popularizing ‘teardrop’ move that day among my generation in the town. Realizing that my body won’t allow me to have much contact with the big man inside, I developed my floater and acrobatic layup into another level. At just 14 years old, I used to throw floater from the free throw area and it’s a magic! It falls to the bucket most of the time!

When the graduation day come, we went for our last ride in local tournament in the town. It was a sweet ending for my middle school journey; we went to the 1st place after beating the team that gave me my first loss back in my first year. Not only that, our main guy also unanimously win the MVP award and surprisingly, he dedicated it to all of the players in the team. I was really impressed.

Soon as we have to choose our path for our high school, I was interested to know that I would went to the same high school as he did. However, after several consideration, I decided to discontinue my enrollment process and decided to attend a newly established private school across the town (which my parents thought it would be better for my future). Like usual, we didn’t really talk a lot about it. But one thing for sure, he and I both know that this was just the beginning of our sensational meeting in the future. 

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